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Table of contents

Techniques and technology for dose reduction in CT

About ImPACT

Introduction – techniques and technologies

Is there a problem?

Is there a problem? 2

Is there a problem? 3

Things to bear in mind

Where do opportunities exist?

Where do opportunities exist?

Techniques : Scan protocol optimisation

Scan protocol optimisation : kV

Scan protocol optimisation : collimation

Scan protocol optimisation : slice width

Scan protocol optimisation : helical pitch

Scan protocol optimisation : mAs

Techniques : tailored exposure parameters

Tailored exposure parameters for the individual

Tailoring exposure parameters to the individual

Weight / age based paediatric protocols

Techniques : Gantry tilt

Techniques : shielding sensitive organs

Techniques : extra rotations in helical scanning

Techniques : comparison with reference doses

Technology : Multi-slice scanners and dose

Multi-slice scanners and dose

Multi-slice scanners and dose 2

What is being developed : technology

How the systems work

Technology : automatic mA adjustment

Automatic mA adjustment

Advantages of automatic mA control

Difficulties to overcome with AEC

What’s available now

Results from automatic mA systems


Author: Nick Keat