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ImPACT offers a CT purchasing consultancy service. Many hospitals have benefited from our thorough knowledge of the CT market, allied with our insistence that each case is treated individually.

A brief description of services we provide is given below.

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Basic Specification Support

This consists of up to two hours of ImPACT consultancy time, and includes the Specification and Questionnaire documentation. ImPACT will send you a copy of the four part documentation set as a template for your specification. Consultancy will be delivered by telephone or mail communication, or you may wish to visit ImPACT. Additional time beyond the included two hours is available in hourly blocks at favourable rates.

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Complete Specification Support

The Complete Specification Package involves ImPACT in a more pro-active role in the specification development. ImPACT will visit your site and help you to identify clinical and operational requirements and to translate these requirements into a technical specifications. The final specification will be checked by ImPACT to ensure that it meets your stated needs.

This consists of up to three days ImPACT Consultancy, including an ImPACT visit to the user's site. It also includes single purchase of the ImPACT specification template documentation (see conditions of use), with checking by ImPACT of technical consistency of the overall technical specification documentation, and checking of match to stated user requirements.

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Evaluation and Adjudication Support

The amount of information received during the tendering process can be overwhelming. ImPACT can assist in clarifying and providing expert evaluation and comparison. Advice can be given in a number of ways - by phone or in meetings either at ImPACT, or on-site. Full or partial analysis of the data can be carried out, and ImPACT can take part in formal presentations and adjudication meetings. All services are available at our consultancy rates. Costs will vary depending upon the number of scanners being considered, whether the ImPACT Specification documentation was used, and the number of site visits required.

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ImPACT have pioneered the use of a standard specification questionnaire, making sure that you will be asking all the pertinent questions when going through the tendering process.

We may be able to supply you with all parts of the Specification and Questionnaire documentation; however, there is no further support included, and no checking of your final specification.

For further information please mail us.

We like knowing a bit more about the people who use our site, so we would appreciate it if you take the time to tell us a bit about yourself - are you a physicist, radiographer, student, vendor? - and what use you will make of the information.

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