:: research and development

ImPACT has ongoing research interests in a number of subjects.

A lot of our meeting talks and lectures discuss areas of interest, including scanner testing, phantoms, dosimetry, image quality, artefacts and ct applications. Go to the presentations page for a full listing of talks that can be viewed on-line.

CT Fluoroscopy : A presentation given to the IPEM 'dose reduction in interventional radiology' meeting can be viewed on-line. The second technology update, on Real time CT and CT Fluoroscopy, is available.

Dose Survey : ImPACT co-ordinated a nationwide survey of scanner dose characteristics. Results from this work include a summary article on the methods used, tables of CTDI for a range of scanners, and scanner matching data. The data has been combined in the ImPACT CT dosimetry spreadsheet system which allows Monte Carlo based dosimetry techniques to be used for even the most modern CT equipment.

DICOM image transfer : our experience of the DICOM standard for medical image transfer. A 'how to' on transferring digital images to a PC using DICOM.

CTDI phantoms : we are able to supply Perspex CTDI phantoms for CT dosimetry. Having investigated alternative suppliers, we believe they are the best designed phantoms available.

CT scanning references: a list of useful publications related to CT