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April 2010ImPACT's funding body, the NHS PASA Centre for Evidence-based Purchasing, was decommissioned on 31st March 2010. Evaluation reports and related publications produced by CEP and its predecessors can now be found on the Department of Health CEP archive web page. Work in providing impartial assessments on diagnostic medical devices is now the responsibility of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) as part of their Diagnostic Assessments Programme.

March 2010
The ImPACT market review of advanced CT scanners for coronary angiography was published in March 2010. The report can be downloaded from the CEP website, linked from our reports page.

The ImPACT evidence review on the Dyna-Vision mobile real-time remote patient monitor was published in March 2010. The report can be downloaded from the CEP website, linked from our reports page.

The list of Impact reports has been updated to include all 2009/2010 reports.


September 2009Jim Weston has now left ImPACT and is working in the Medical Physics Department at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Trust. We wish him well in his new post.

Jonathan Turner has joined us from our neighbour evaluation group at St George's, PACSnet, to the lead on PACS, connectivity and informatics issues.

The ImPACT CTDosimetry spreadsheet has been updated to version 1.0, which allows the user to calculate effective doses according to ICRP 103 as well as ICRP 60.


Sue Edyvean delivered a lecture to the 4th Harefield cardiac CT course.

Maria Lewis spoke at the IPEM / BIR meeting Emerging Technologies in Diagnostic Imaging on the 12th Feb


Maria Lewis attended RSNA 2007 on behalf of CEP

the CT Users Group recently held their annual meeting .

ImPACT delivered the CT Teaching course at UKRC 2007

the CEP annual conference was held in Oxfordshire in March 2007

CEP work programme published

the 11th ImPACT course was held in February 2007 at RIBA, London.


our report on RSNA 2006 now available.

the 8th meeting of the CT Users Group took place in November 2006

the latest version of the comparison reports were published by NHS PASA CEP in March 2006.


evaluation reports on the Siemens Sensation Open and the GE LightSpeed RT have now been published.

the presentations from the ImPACT course in October 2005 can be seen on-line.

CTDosimetry.xls - ImPACT's free CT dosimetry system using NRPB SR250 was last updated in Jan 2006. The current version is 0.99x.

links to the NRPB report 'Doses from Computed Tomography (CT) Examinations in the UK - 2003 Review', produced by NRPB, ImPACT and CT users Group, and the Royal College of Radiologists report 'Technical Standards for CT' , produced with contributions by ImPACT.

Nick Keat's talk from UKRC2005 on 'Spiral and multi-slice CT' is available on-line.

Nick Keat's talk on 'Assessment of automatic exposure control systems on CT scanners using a custom made phantom' from ECR 2005.

The 10th ImPACT course was held on 13th and 14th March 2006, at the Royal Marsden Hospital, in London.

a report on CT scanner automatic exposure control systems.

version 12 comparison reports covering six-to-ten slice, sixteen slice, 32-to-64 slice and wide bore scanners.

report on what's new in CT from RSNA 2004.

technology update leaflets on radiation dose issues in multi-slice CT scanning, and CT issues in PET / CT scanning.

single product evaluation reports on the GE LightSpeed 16, Philips Mx8000 IDT, Siemens Sensation 16 and Toshiba Aquilion 16.

ImPACT were saddened to hear of the death of Sir Godfrey Hounsfield, aged 84, on 12th July 2004

David Platten's talk on 'The relative performance of cone-beam reconstruction algorithms and standard multi-detector algorithms'.

tables of CTDI in air and Perspex, fom the Dose Survey have been updated to include more recent scanners, and relative CTDI at different collimations.

ImPACT was involved with a number of presentations and educational exhibition posters at the RSNA 2003 meeting in Chicago. Abstracts and pdfs of the work can be downloaded. A report on what was new in CT at RSNA 2003 is also available.

an evaluation report on Cardiac CT scanning.

a talk on 'Techniques and technology for dose reduction in CT', given to the 'Dose reduction in diagnostic imaging ... revisited' meeting at the British Institute of Radiology, November 2003.

two papers given to the medical physics world congress 2003, on definitions of geometric efficiency and methods for comparison of image quality and dose in CT.

a lecture on 'Multi-slice helical CT physics and technology' given to the European Association of Nuclear Medicine in Amsterdam, providing background knowledge for nuclear medicine physicsts interested in PET/CT.

two lectures given to a Spanish quality control course for medical physicists, 'Patient Dose Assessment' and 'Quality Control of CT Scanners'.

a report on what was new at RSNA 2002.

focus Multi-slice, a lecture given to the Swedish Rontgenveckan, Orebro, Sweden in September 2002.

multislice testing and test tools talk.

a patients' guide to CT scanning.

a lecture on x-ray CT, given to St George's hospital BSc biomedical sciences students.

slides of ImPACT's talks from UKRC 2002.

ImPACT's report from RSNA 2001.

ImPACT's presentations from UKRC 2001, "Recent Developments in CT Scanner Technology".

ImPACT guide to CT scanner acceptance testing.

a list of CT scanning abbreviations and acronyms.

report on what's new in CT at RSNA 2000.

'How To' article on transferring medical images to a PC using DICOM.

a new web site name and design - the ImPACT web site is now at www.impactscan.org!

dose survey results summary article.

abstracts and slides from talks given by ImPACT at IOS 2000.

ImPACT Technology Update No. 2, on Real Time CT and CT Fluoroscopy.

report on what was new in CT at RSNA 99.

CT Fluoroscopy presentation from the IPEM "Dose Reduction in Diagnostic Radiology" meeting.

a list of CT scanning related references.

a list of CT quality assurance equipment suppliers and manufacturers.

details of the CTDI phantoms we produce.

our experiences with DICOM image transfer.

the links section, including links to other evaluation groups, CT imaging sites, DICOM information and other medical physics departments.

a list of ImPACT's CT scanner evaluation reports.