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Some of the most popular items on the ImPACT web site are the presentations on a range of subjects relating to CT scanning. Many of these are from our ImPACT course, but there are also talks given at conferences and meetings.

Have you attended an ImPACT presentation which is not currently available? We apologise for the delay in making our more recent presentations available. Due to the current resource limitations within the group, we are not able to prepare and upload our presentations as swiftly as we would like. Please make sure to check our coming soon listing.

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The following is a list of talks that are currently available on line for users to view ...

Occasion Presentation
Harefield Cardiac Course, May 2011 Sue Edyvean gave a talk on the 'Technical Aspects of Cardiac CT' (pdf, 13 MB)
UKRC 2010, Birmingham, June 2010 Maria Lewis gave a talk entitled 'Purchasing a cardiac CT scanner: what the radiologist needs to know' (pdf, 6 MB)
UKRC 2007, Manchester, June 2007 ImPACT gave the CT Teaching course
ImPACT course, London, February 2007 see the slides from our most recent course
CTUG meeting, Nottingham, November 2006 Two ImPACT presentations were given at this meeting of the CT user group ; dose measurement in cone beam CT & QC beyond IPEM91
IAEA event, Vienna, November 2006 A presentation on the impact of MDCT on optimisation and quality assurance of CT scanners
BSCR, Harefield, June 2006 Technical Aspects of MSCT and ECG Gating Talk given to the joint BSCR & Harefield Cardiac CT course.
UKRC 2006, Birmingham, May 2006 Automated dose control in multislice CT - a review
ImPACT course, York, October 2005 See all the talks from this popular ImPACT course
UKRC 2005, Manchester, June 2005 Nick Keat presented 'Spiral and multi-slice CT: physics and dosimetry'
ECR 2005, Vienna, March 2004 Nick Keat presented 'Assessment of automatic exposure control systems on CT scanners using a custom made phantom'
RSNA 2004, Chicago, November 2004 Sue Edyvean presented 'Comparison of image quality and radiation dose from four and sixteen slice scanners'
UKRC 2004, June 2004 David Platten presented 'The relative performance of cone-beam reconstruction algorithms and standard multi-detector algorithms'
Danish Society of Medical Physics, 2-3rd April 2004 Maria Lewis gave a talk on CTDosimetry.xls, the ImPACT dosimetry spreadsheet
RSNA 2003, Chicago, December 2003 See the RSNA 2003 presentations page for more details and pdfs of 'Low contrast detail detectability measurements on multi-slice CT scanners', 'A Visual Method for Demonstrating the Relative Performance of Cone Beam Reconstruction Algorithms', 'Artefacts in CT: recognition and avoidance' and 'A methodical approach for comparison of CT image quality relative to dose'
British Institute of Radiology, November 2003 Nick Keat presented 'Techniques and technology for dose reduction in CT' at the "Dose reduction in diagnostic imaging... revisited" meeting
Medical physics world congress 2003, Australia, August 2003 Sue Edyvean presented two papers, 'Comparison of Definitions of Geometric Efficiency in Computed Tomography Scanners' and 'Methods for Comparison of Image Quality and Dose in Computed Tomography'
European Association of Nuclear Medicine, Netherlands, August 2003 David Platten gave a presentation in a positron imaging CME session, 'Multi-slice helical CT physics and technology'. The advent of combined PET-CT scanners means that nuclear medicine professionals need some knowledge of CT.
Garantia de Calidad en TC (Quality control in CT), Tarragona, Spain, February 2003 Sue Edyvean gave two presentations to this course for Spanish medical physicists, 'Patient Dose Assessment' and 'Quality Control of CT Scanners'
Rontgenveckan, Orebro, Sweden, September 2002 'Focus Multi-slice', a ninety minute lecture on a range of topics related to multi-slice CT, including technology, detectors, advantages and drawbacks of multi-slice, helical scanning, implications for dosimetry and quality control, as well as a summary of clinical applications that benefit.
European Congress of Radiology, March 2002 Sue Edyvean gave a talk on CT dosimetry and a data base for CTDI values at an EFOMP workshop
CT users group meeting, Manchester, November 2001 Sue Edyvean presented 'Multi-slice testing and test tools'
BSc Biomedical Science, St George's Hospital, London 'X-ray CT', a two hour lecture that serves as an introduction to a good range of topics relating to CT, from technical to clinical
UKRC 2002, Birmingham, June 2002 Three talks (click for abstracts): 'The new CT technology: what are the benefits?', 'The Relationship Between Image Noise and Spatial Resolution of CT Scanners', 'Assessment of the Low Contrast Detectability of Multi-slice CT Scanners', 'Challenges in the evaluation of 8 and 16 slice CT scanners'
UKRC 2001, Wembley, June 2002 Two lecture on 'Recent Advances in CT' (click for abstracts): Part I: Introduction and Current Issues, Part II: Multi slice scanning
IOS 2000, Birmingham, June 2000 Three talks (click for abstracts): 'Development of new phantoms for the physical assessment of multi-slice CT scanners', 'Can multi-slice helical CT achieve a better noise-dose relationship than single-slice?', 'A comparison of methods for measuring the limiting spatial resolution of a CT scanner'
IPEM 'dose reduction in interventional radiology meeting', June 1999 Nick Keat gave a talk on CT fluoroscopy systems and their dosimetry

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