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CT scanning is a medical imaging technology; established in Britain in 1971 , it can now be found world-wide

This is the web site of the ImPACT CT scanner evaluation group.

ImPACT was the UK's CT scanner evaluation centre for 25 years. Their experts provided a wide range of CT scanner related services to the NHS and other providers of healthcare; primarily in the UK, but the knowledge and information has benefitted users and patients around the world.

What is a CT scanner ?

A CT (or CAT) scanner produces x-ray images of 'slices' through the body. See our patient's guide for more information.

On this site, we give you an idea of the work undertaken by the group, as well as providing ongoing access to some of our many resources for use by all people involved in CT scanning.

Some of the most current topics and recent additions are listed below.

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:: ImPACT news

:: keeping involved

Past ImPACT staff are involved with a number of courses and events in the coming months. Do please come along and say 'hi'.
See below for more details

:: celebrating CT

The 2012 BIR president's conference was a tribute to Godfrey Hounsfield and 40 years of clinical CT scanning.
A brief report on this event should be available soon; in the meantime you can watch many of presentations on a well known video sharing site, including Willi Kalendar's keynote presentation

:: Guidance on testing

Oct 2012         Quality Assurance Programme for Computed Tomography

IAEA have released a report as part of their human health series, entitled Quality Assurance Programme for Computed Tomography: Diagnostic and Therapy Applications ... ... read more ...

:: NICE guidance issued

Jan 2012         ** DG3 computed tomography scanners for cardiac imaging ... **

New NICE guidance on New generation cardiac CT scanners... read more ...

:: wide beam dosimetry guidance

Oct 2011         Status of Computed Tomography Dosimetry for Wide Cone Beam Scanners

:: 40 Years of CT

June 2011

** 'History of CT' page **

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first clinical CT scan, which took place at Atkinson Morley's Hospital in London on 1st October 1971, we have added a 'History of CT' page to this site.

:: CTDosimetry version 1.0.4 available

Latest version of CTDosimetry is available to download.

:: team news

::update on our current status

October 2011

ImPACT was closed down from 29th September 2011 due to cessation of central funding

This web site will remain open but will not be regularly maintained.
We will try to keep it relatively up to date. Please be patient with us as this is now done on a volunteer basis.

We will provide updates if anything changes with our status.
Please check back to this site when you can. Otherwise do please drop us a line
Emails sent to "personname"at"impactscan.org will be forwarded to the appropriate people.
General emails (e.g. impact at impactscan.org) will only be reviewed infrequently.

It would be particularly interesting to hear how our work has helped you over the years. Thanks to all those who have already written to express their support for both the work and the staff involved.

:: finding your way around this site

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:: courses

King’s Imaging Technology Evaluation Centre (KITEC) are running a course on CT Principles in PETCT and SPECT/CT. Many of the old ImPACT team are involved.

Sue Edyvean will be talking at UKRC 2013

Considering developments in radiation protection involved in CT scanning at BIR this autumn. Check out their website for further details of one of their courses

:: web site status

website updates

Due to the closure of the ImPACT group, this site is now only infrequently updated and maintained. We are attempting to keep things up to date, but please forgive the tardiness

broken links to reports - an update

We are aware that there were problems with the links from our site to the archive of published reports. This was due to closure of PASA and the transfer of their copywrite material. We have now updated our links and they should work. However, there may still be issues arising as responsibility for maintaining CEP reports passes from NHS PASA to the Department of Health. You can now go to our report list and select the report you want to download.

Apologies for any inconvenience that this may have caused you.

website issues

There are no other known issues with the web site at present. Please let us know if you find problems with the site.

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