:: Medical Devices Evaluation Survey 2011

This survey is intended for manufacturers, and distributors, of medical devices for the UK. The aim is to research the awareness of evaluation of medical devices. It has been commissioned by NICE (National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence) to inform the development of its medical technology guidance programme

The survey is undertaken by ImPACT, which is an independent specialist medical technology evaluation organisation within an NHS medical physics unit.

The questionnaire is short, there are 17 brief questions, and should only take about 10 minutes of your time.

To complete the survey on-line, please click here.

Alternatively, to fill in a paper form, please download a pdf of the questionnaire, print it and return to the address on the form. We can send you a paper form if you wish.

Or call ImPACT on 020 8725 1524 and we will take your responses over the telephone.

Any information you supply will be combined with results from others and presented as pooled data to NICE; no individual or individual organisation will be identifiable outside ImPACT from the data presented.

The results will be reported to NICE but the design, analysis and conduct of the survey are entirely ImPACT's.

For more information on the NICE medical devices guidance programme, please see the information on the NICE website.