:: 'focus multi-slice' lecture for rontgenveckan 2002, orebro, sweden

ImPACT was invited to give a lecture entitled 'Focus Multi-slice' to the annual Swedish Rontgenveckan conference in Orebro, from the 10-13 September 2002. The slides from the talk can be viewed here, the abstract was as follows:

CT - Focus Multi-Slice

Nicholas Keat

The capabilities of CT scanning as a diagnostic imaging medium increased dramatically with the introduction of four slice scanners in the second half of 1998. The ability to acquire four sets of scan projection data per revolution of the scanner gantry can exploited by imaging a scan volume faster, or with greater z-axis resolution than a single slice scanner, or scanning larger volumes in the same total time. This has improved the quality of a number of clinical applications, as well as enabling new techniques that were not previously possible.

This talk will start with a review of the advances in CT scanning that have lead to modern multi-slice scanning, from the gantry to the detectors. The creation of images in both axial and helical scan modes will be covered. The advantages and disadvantages of multi-slice scanners over their single-slice equivalents will be investigated, as well as some of the techniques that the manufacturers have proposed to overcome these shortcomings. An overview of the clinical applications that benefit from multi-slice technology, particularly cardiac imaging will be given. The implications for the end user, in terms of data throughput and management, and the quality assurance checks that are relevant to multi-slice scanning will be examined. The talk will also cover the new eight and sixteen slice scanner models that are now coming on to the market, and will end with a look into the future for multi-slice scanning.