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Names and contact details for recent ImPACT staff members. Click here for general contact information.

the faces of ImPACT

Alan Britten

centre supervisor

Dr Alan Britten

Alan was the director of evaluation services carried out by ImPACT and PACSnet.
Currently the head of department, he can be contacted at St George's
group members
Sue Edyvean

Sue Edyvean
     physicist & head of group

...the longest serving member of the team, and is still involved in lots of related activities through national and international groups
She aims to keep the spirit of the group alive through the wonders of the internet send an e-mail
Maria Lewis

Maria Lewis

...another mainstay of the group
now working in support of clincial trials for King's Health Partners AHSC
missing a picture

Jonathan Turner

Jonathan brought from the PACSnet evaluation centre a knowledge of infomatics and systems integration issues. He work extensively on the most recent CEP evaluation projects.
Jonathan is currently enjoying further adventures in Health Infomatics at Ciry University and remains closely involved in the work of IHE groups within the UK
Nicholas Keat Nicholas Keat
Nick was responsible for developing much of the web site and the dose calculator
now CT physicist at iManova in West London
David Platten David Platten
David was also very involved in developing the analysis tools used by the group, and many of the presentations
Currently working at Northampton General Hospital in the imaging section of the medical physics department.
missing picture Julia Carden
now enjoying the Lake District
el Geeko James Weston
now working as rad-prot physicist and general skialogical sciences in Oxford

Nick and David worked at ImPACT until early 2006
Jim was at ImPACT until mid 2008 they are still involved with many of the activities of the group
Margaret Burns

office manager

Margaret Burns

Margaret looked after all the adminstrative needs of the group, as well as organising the bookings for the course, and dealing with those who bought the CTDI phantoms
awaiting photo Leigh Donnison (now Thompson)

Leigh now working part time as a Medical Radiation Technologist, in rural Ontario . The rest of the time paint lanscapes in oil.

:: were you at ImPACT?

we have lost touch with some of those who have contributed to the work of the group over the years. If you are one of these, please contact us by email to let us know what you are doing now

If you wish to contact anyone else from ImPACT please contact us at ImPACT - marking your subject line, for example, 'FAO: Julia' , and we will attempt to forward appropriate messages