:: rsna 2006

RSNA 2006 was held in Chicago from 26th November to 1st December. ImPACT were unable to attend; however our many friends in the CT community have very kindly fed-back their experiences and news. In particular, our thanks go to Koos Geleijns , who has prepared a report on the conference and exhibition. The introduction is reproduced below and the full version with images can be downloaded as a pdf file.

report on RSNA 2006 ­ introduction

Once again, more than 60,000 participants (including professional registrants and exhibitors) registered for the world largest radiology congress this year. And again computed tomography (CT) played a prominent role at the convention. Developments in CT dominated many scientific sessions, however in the exhibition the atmosphere was more conservative; all manufacturers (GE, Philips, Siemens and Toshiba) consolidated the technology of 64 slice scanning. Two manufacturers (Philips, and Toshiba) announced, as work in progress, the development of a 256 slice scanner. Hitachi announced its ambition to enter the market of 64 slice scanning in 2007.

In addition to the established special applications of CT in radiotherapy (CT planning systems), and in angiography with fluoroscopy systems (3D rotational angiography), several manufacturers now offer dedicated systems for 3D dental imaging. This RSNA 2006 report focuses on the developments in regular diagnostic CT imaging.

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