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The 11th "CT Technology, Dose and Performance"

Web versions of the slides are now available. Please click on the title of the talk in the table below

CT Technology, Dose and Performance - an ImPACT course
10:45 Welcome & Introduction
11:00 The Principles of CT scanning
12:10 Image Noise and Low Contrast Resolution
13:50 Spatial Resolution and Z-sensitivity
15:10 Principles of CT Dosimetry
16:15 Demonstration:CTDosimetry software
16:45 Advances and New Techniques - 1
DAY 2:
09:30 Factors affecting patient dose
10:00 Multislice CT in Clinical Practice
10:55 Understanding Image Quality and Dose
11:30 Workshop: Unravelling CT scanner specifications
13:30 An Introduction to CT in Radiotherapy
14:35 Artefacts
15:35 Advances and New Techniques s
16:05 Quality Control in CT

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