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Real-time CT and CT fluoroscopy were first introduced by Toshiba, in 1995, on their XPress/SX range of scanners. Since then, all the other manufacturers have introduced systems capable of producing real time images that are continuously updated to show what is currently in the CT scanner's x-ray beam.

The main applications for real-time CT scanning are for interventional procedures, such as biopsy and lesion drainage, and control of scan timing in contrast agent studies. ImPACT has produced a technology update document that discusses real time CT and CT fluoroscopy, which can be downloaded, below. This is a condensed version of the evaluation report on the subject.

A talk given to an IPEM meeting on dose reduction in diagnostic radiology, in June 1999, looking at CT fluoroscopy systems and their dosimetry is also available on the web site.

CT fluoroscopy document

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