:: ukrc 2006

The 2006 UK Radiological Congress (UKRC) was held at Brimingham NIA in May 2006. ImPACT attended the congress and the exhibition: we met many old friendly faces and of you and thank you for the very kind words you said in support of our current position.

ImPACT Presentations

ImPACT were invited to take part in the CT Refresher course, the abstract for the talk is below. The slides from the presentation are available on line using the link at the bottom.

Automated dose control in multislice CT - a review

Nicholas Keat
Tools for the automatic control of X-ray tube current are available from all current vendors of multislice CT scanners. Automatic exposure controls (AECs) vary the intensity of the X-ray beam relative to the attenuation of the patient, so that larger patients and thicker patient cross sections receive higher tube currents than smaller patients and thinner cross sections. The systematic control of tube current is a tool that can be used to help achieve the goal of a standardized level of image quality at the optimal patient radiation dose.
This talk will discuss the features and methods of operation of each vendor's AEC implementation. It will also point out the areas where they differ, and the areas that need to be understood in order to use an AEC effectively. It will also present the results of ImPACT's AEC testing, showing the way that each system adjusts to varying patient cross sections.

view slides from this presentation (in pdf format).