:: ct scanner dose survey

ImPACT, with the aid of physics departments throughout the UK and Europe carried out a dose survey to assemble standard information for a wide range of scanners. The protocol for this study can be downloaded as a pdf file. The main results from the survey are now available.

A summary article produced for RAD magazine, outlining the methods and results of the dose survey is available.

The primary aim of the survey was to enable the matching of the dose characteristics of newer CT scanners to those that were included in the 1993 NRPB Monte Carlo dose data sets (Report SR250). This was achieved by the use of knowledge of CTDI values in air and at the centre and periphery of a standard CTDI phantom.

Tables of CTDI100 values in air and Perspex for all the scanners in the dose survey, as well as other more recent models are now available for download.

CTDosimetry in use

CT scanner matching data, relating current models to existing NRPB data sets is now available. This information has been incorporated into an Excel spreadsheet system (pictured, above) for calculating organ and effective doses using SR250. The spreadsheet can be downloaded, free of charge.