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Oct 2012         Quality Assurance Programme for Computed Tomography

IAEA have released a report as part of their human health series, entitled Quality Assurance Programme for Computed Tomography: Diagnostic and Therapy Applications, it aims to help harmonise approaches to quality assurance programmes and routine testing of CT equipment. Much of it should be realitvely familiar to the fans of IPEM Report 32 part 3 (other parts are available !), and it extends the basic principles to scanners used in therapy departments as well.
Sue Edyean - previously the leader of the ImPACT team - played a key role in the production of this report. It can be obtained from the IAEA website

:: NICE guidance issued

Jan 2012         ** DG3 computed tomography scanners for cardiac imaging ... **

New NICE guidance on New generation cardiac CT scanners (Aquilion ONE, Brilliance iCT, Discovery CT750 HD and Somatom Definition Flash) for cardiac imaging in people with suspected or known coronary artery disease in whom imaging is difficult with earlier generation CT scanners has been published on the NICE website .

ImPACT responded to the open invitation - given on the NICE web pages - to register as a stakeholder. As such ImPACT attended one of the stakeholder meetings and submitted comments. Those interested in this guidance are strongly encouraged to read the comments provided to the review team. Summarised responses to all stakeholder comments on this report are given on this page:


All projects are open to stakeholder registration within certain criteria: please see further details here.

:: wide beam dosimetry guidance

Oct 2011         Status of Computed Tomography Dosimetry for Wide Cone Beam Scanners
As CT beams have grown beyond a few cm wide, there has been much debate regarding appropriate dosimetry.Members of the ImPACT team were invovled in the production of this IAEA report discusses a practical approach to validating CTDI measurements for wide-beams.

:: 40 Years of CT

June 2011

** 'History of CT' page **

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first clinical CT scan, which took place at Atkinson Morley's Hospital in London on 1st October 1971, we have added a 'History of CT' page to this site.

:: CTDosimetry version 1.0.4 available

May 2011

A new version of CTDosimetry is now available to download.

The latest version of the spreadsheet is available for download on the CTDosimetry page.

ImPACT are changing the model for incorporation of new data into the spreadsheet. Rather than relying on our evaluations for data we are working with the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine's Diagnostic Radiology Special Interest Group (IPEM DRSIG) to update the data. Read how you can contribute data on the CTDosimetry page.

:: team news

Sue Edyvean - head of the ImPACT group - celebrates 25 years working for the NHS. Congratulations Sue !

Sue with the current members of the ImPACT group

::update on our current status

October 2011

ImPACT was closed down from 29th September 2011 due to cessation of central funding

This web site will remain open but will not be regularly maintained.
We will try to keep it relatively up to date. Please be patient with us as this is now done on a volunteer basis.

We will provide updates if anything changes with our status.
Please check back to this site when you can. Otherwise do please drop us a line
Emails sent to "personname"at"impactscan.org will be forwarded to the appropriate people.
General emails (e.g. impact at impactscan.org) will only be reviewed infrequently.

It would be particularly interesting to hear how our work has helped you over the years. Thanks to all those who have already written to express their support for both the work and the staff involved.

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