:: ImPACT nhsnet website

ImPACT are pleased to announce that our website content is now available on the NHSnet at nww.impactscan.nhs.uk. The NHSnet is similar to the internet but is only accessible to computers within the UK's National Health Service.

If you can see the NHS logo between the following brackets: (no access), you have access to the NHSnet, and the ImPACT NHSNet site. If you cannot see the logo, you do not have access to the Impact NHSnet site and will not be able to access links further down this page.

Expected to see the logo? click here for current known issues

Please note that if you can not access our on-line specification tool, the same information is available in our comparison reports. See here for details.

:: what is on the NWW site?


As the NHSnet is available exclusively to the NHS we are able to offer additional content to that seen on the internet. The first part of this is an on-line CT scanner specification comparison tool, CTspec, enabling you to compare different scanner model specifications side-by-side. This makes it easy to compare specific features of as many CT scanners as you wish, side by side. Data is currently available for 20 scanners, in 20 specification categories.