:: what we do

For more than 25 years, ImPACT has provided a wide range of support & services to the CT scanning community in the NHS, as well as taking a broader interest in CT scanning generally. The areas we have covered are many and varied, but below we try to outline each one in a bit more detail. Follow the links and they will take you to pages with further details and some examples of our work.

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:: independent evaluations

Our main tasks include assessing and reporting on the dose and imaging performance of CT scanners, as well as their interface and usability.

Our manufacturer independent viewpoint makes us the best source for impartial advice about all aspects of CT scanning, and our well established evaluation reports are a source of essential scanner information.

We provide a range of services to groups who are purchasing new scanners.

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:: educational courses

We also have an educational role to play, and run 'ImPACT courses', covering CT scanner technology, dose and performance. The last course we ran was in February 2008. We are now exploring future dates as well as additional courses, e.g. radiation dose and CT; please check here for updates. Example presentations from a previous course are available on our website.

:: information leaflets

ImPACT has produced a practical guide to CT scanner acceptance testing (including multi-slice scanners), which provides information on performing the tests, the equipment needed, and hints on interpreting the results.

A brief patients' guide to CT scanning is now available.

A general introductory lecture on x-ray CT given to St George's Hospital's BSc Biomedical sciences course can be viewed on-line.

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:: technology

Technology updates on radiation dose issues in multi-slice CT and CT issues in PET / CT scanning can now be freely downloaded.

A market review on advanced CT scanners for coronary angiography is available.

An ImPACT technology update on Real Time CT and CT Fluoroscopy is available, looking at the applications for this use of CT scanners, as well as technology and dosimetry issues.

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:: research topics

ImPACT is involved in a variety of research and development projects. These include the ImPACT dose survey, CT dosimetry tools, and the development of CT phantoms and assessment software.

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:: presentations & meeting reports

ImPACT regularly attend and report on the RSNA exhibition and conference in Chicago at the beginning of each December. A report on the most recent RSNA can be found here . ImPACT's presentations at RSNA 2004 and 2003 can now be downloaded.
Reports back on previous meetings are also available: 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000 and 1999, examining developments in CT are available.

ImPACT presentations at the annual UKRC in 2006 2005, 2004, 2002, 2001 and 2000 can can be found here.

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:: ct users group

ImPACT plays an active role in the CT Users Group, which meets at least once a year to share experience and knowledge relating to CT scanning, as well as to provide an educational forum. The CT Users group now has its own web site.

In association with ImPACT and the NRPB, the CT Users Group have conducted a survey into CT usage and dosimetry. A report on this work, 'Doses from Computed Tomography (CT) Examinations in the UK - 2003 Review' can now be downloaded from the NRPB web site.

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:: links & other information

We've also included links to other medical imaging sites, sources of information and CT manufacturer sites.

Other useful information such as a patients' guide to CT, CT scanning references, CT equipment suppliers and more are listed here.

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